Eating around Hawaii, Hapa style

Tasty Korean Barbeque

There is no shortage of Korean barbeque restaurants in Hawaii.  While a lot of people like Yummy Korean BBQ, a chain located island wide, my  favorite is Tasty Korean BBQ, located in the Mililani Town Center, about 20-30 minutes from Waikiki.    Although far from the touristy Waikiki beach, it is a great place to stop at on your way to the North Shore. Featured in this picture is the Tasty Special, which includes barbequed chicken, meat jun, and kalbi ribs. You have your choice of sides, from kim chee , seaweed salad, bean sprouts, and whatever else your hungry self desires.  It has been a few months since I have had a plate lunch…I am going through terrible Tasty withdrawal!

 Kaka’ako Kitchen

Kaka’ako Kitchen: Sautéed Mahi, with lomi tomato butter sauce

For a different take on the plate lunch, try out Kaka’ako Kitchen, Honolulu’s gourmet plate lunch place located in the Ward Shopping Center, near Ala Moana Beach.   This combo of sauteed fresh mahi mahi with brown rice and a side of mac salad  provides the perfect balance of flavor for the taste buds.  It’s also cheap to boot!

Sushi King

Do not let the name fool you. Sushi King is the real deal.  Featured here is a sashimi platter-fresh, buttery and delicious.  I have a tendency to over-saturate my sushi/sashimi with shoyu, I cannot help it, I have a thing for salt! But here, the sushi is so fresh it needs very little soy sauce.  We also tasted some rolls.  The hungry hapa always says that the key to good sushi is in the rice.  He gives the rice here 2 thumbs up.   To wash down your sushi, order some Sake. At Sushi King, you can even keep your own sake bottle behind the bar. Very cool indeed! So go to Sushi King, get drunk, eat sushi, and enjoy!

Poke on the Big Island

Ulupalakua Ranch Store: Maui Cattle Co. Beef Burger

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