Minetta Tavern-marrow and burger heaven

I decided to surprise hapa for his birthday by taking him to the famous Minetta Tavern located in the West Village. Hapa’s only restaurant criteria was that we eat at a place with NO hipsters (we went to the meatball shop a while back and Hapa was not impressed),so this place definately fit the bill. I have been wanting to go to Minetta for the longest time, so this was a belated birthday gift to myself.


Our reservation was for 6pm and the place was packed (but thank god, no hipsters). I would have preferred to eat a little later, but when I called 1 month in advance to make a reservation (yep, 1 month), the only times they had available for was 6pm and 9pm.

We started off by ordering the roasted baby beet salad and the roasted bone marrow. Beet salad was amazing (Hapa does not eat veggies, he says he is allergic, haha), but we both could not get enough of the tasty, fatty, rich, Flintstone size bone marrow.  ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! A MUST TRY! We still have the bones in our freezer, for our dog…I mean our fish.



For our entrees, the hapa ordered the tavern steak (no picture) and I ordered the famous Black Label Burger, a Pat LaFrieda meat blend of  dry aged ribeye, skirt steak, and brisket. I have been dreaming about this burger for the longest time, and guess what, it totally lived up to all its hype and its 26 dollar price tag.  It was cooked to perfection (medium rare) and literally melted in my mouth. No cheese, no ketchup, no mayo was needed; this burger stood alone.


When I mentioned that it was hapa’s birthday, our waiter brought out a delicious slice of coconut cake, free of charge. Overall, this was an amazing experience! Great food, old school atmosphere, and  good company 🙂

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